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BUNDLE PACK: The Hunting Bundle

The Hunting Bundle comes with the Sytong HT-60 Digital Night Vision Scope and The ThermTec Cyclops CP650 Thermal Monocular (ex display).

This bundle pairs a Thermal Monocular for quickly identifying game and a Night Vision Scope to identify the animal before taking a shot, as well as ensuring that there is nothing behind the animal that you might hit if your shot goes astray. Using both thermal detection and visual confirmation boosts hunting success by improving target acquisition and reducing mistakes.

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ThermTec Cyclops CP650
The ThermTec Cyclops series of thermal imaging monoculars are designed with a 12μm uncooled infrared detector and a 1024×768 OLED high-definition display. With their AI image recognition algorithm, it enables users to get clear views under various lighting conditions, even in complete darkness, providing reliable and high-quality visual images for night activities.

Sytong HT-60
The Sytong HT-60 is a versatile digital optic designed for both day and night use. With High Definition recording capabilities, it excels in capturing detailed footage during observation sessions, making it particularly suitable for nature enthusiasts and wildlife observation, especially in low-light conditions. Equipped with a picatinny rail attachment, it seamlessly integrates with various firearms, offering versatility in its applications. Featuring seven distinct reticle options and the ability to store five personalized calibrations, it provides customizable functionality to suit individual preferences. In night vision mode, the built-in illuminator offers adjustable intensity, extending visibility up to 200 meters.

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