BUNDLE PACK: The Foxinator Pro

The Foxinator Pro Bundle Pack comes with the HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 Thermal Monocular and the Guide 451-LRF Thermal Scope.

Due to the cunningness and insulation of foxes our recommendation is thermal scope and thermal monocular combination. The Falcon FH35 Thermal Monocular allows for a long detection distance of smaller animals like foxes and rabbits, while the high base magnification of the GUIDE TU451-LRF Thermal Scope will give the user the advantage of a further distance when taking the shot.


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The combination of a thermal handheld monocular and scope is important when shooting foxes and other situationally aware animals as no light, whether infrared or visible, is being emitted and therefore alerting the animal to your presence.

The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 is a perfect monocular for smaller game such as foxes due to its 35mm lens and 384 x 288 px thermal sensor. Since foxes move more than most targets, this combination of sensor and lens size gives the end user long and detailed spotting and a great field of view.

The GUIDE TU451 LRF is a high base magnification thermal scope suited perfectly for fox hunting. The high base magnification allows for longer distance shots without compromising clarity like most low base magnification thermal scopes.

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