ThermTec Cyclops CP650 Thermal Monocular

The ThermTec Cyclops series of thermal imaging monoculars are designed with a 12um uncooled infrared detector and a 1024×768 OLED high-definition display. With their AI image recognition algorithm, it enables users to get clear views under various lighting conditions, even in complete darkness, providing reliable and high-quality visual images for night activities.

The ThermTec Cyclops monoculars feature a unique control method that makes these the easiest and most intuitive units on the market to operate.  Simply move the joystick to the right and you’re changing colour pallets, move it forward and you’re smooth zooming in, backward and you’re smooth zooming out. Double tap the joystick to bring up the main units control where you can set the image to how you like it, including brightness, contrast, sharpness and de-noise.  Throw in Electronic Image Stabilisation and you’ve got a unit that goes beyond anything else in its category.

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50mm LENS
The Cyclops CP650 comes with the all time most popular 50mm lens. The CP650 is interpreted and processed by the 640×512 thermal sensor and shown on the OLED display in a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the unit has the ability to keep a crystal clear image while also having an impressive Field Of View.

The Cyclops CP650 comes with the ability to stream to any phone, tablet, or iPad with all function controls on the screen of the device being streamed to.

The addition of a very easy to find joystick control gives the user a steady zoom and control of the device while in hand.

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