BUNDLE PACK: The Pig Buster

The Pig Buster Master comes with the HIKMICRO Lynx Pro 2.0 LH25 Thermal Monocular and the HIKMICRO Alpex 4K A50E Digital Night Vision Scope.

With the thermal detection of the LH25 2.0 and the long-distance identification of the Alpex 4K A50E, no pig is safe!

The two units compliment each other in the perfect thermal monocular to detect any pigs within a 1km radius. Once located its then time for the Alpex to do the rest! With a crisp day/night image, the Alpex will easily give you a shooting distance of up to 300m without giving away your position.


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The Pig Buster Master is strategically packaged with the HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LH25 2.0 Thermal Monocular for the sole reason that pigs usually hang in mobs and give off large amount of heat. The LH25 is the perfect mid-range monocular for the job of spotting the mob without breaking the bank.

The Pig Buster also comes with the new and popular HIKMICRO Alpex 4k A50E Night Vision Scope. The shooter will have a clear identification of what he is aiming at, and the added bonus of not giving away their position as no visible light is being emitted.

This package is perfect for those looking for thermal detection over 1km and accurate target take down in conditions anywhere from a flat farmland to a wooded area.

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