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SIONYX Opsin DNVM1 Colour Night Vision

Inspired by the U.S. DoD’s desire to integrate digital night vision into surveillance and support low-light operations, OPSIN is changing the night vision game. It brings next-level innovation to the traditional night vision market with a proprietary XQE-1350 Black Silicon CMOS sensor. OPSIN’s technology provides unmatched colour low-light capability plus immersive digital display, recording, and navigation features that make operations more precise, efficient, and informative. Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities you won’t find with traditional night vision.


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Bring a rich layer of natural detail to your night vision experience, informing tactical decisions and refining intelligence. OPSIN offers improved product life span – no concern of pixels or tubes burning out.

Edge-to-edge, HD micro-OLED display keeps you grounded. Expansive 44° FOV and minimal data overlay provide heightened situational awareness.

Observe targets of interest in moonless-starlight down to <1 mlx to detect a man-sized object at 150 meters. View and capture vivid colour images and video to the onboard SD card. Pair with an IR laser or torch and spot analog illuminators, remaining unseen.

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