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We are proud to have the world leader of Thermal Imaging technology, FLIR, as the flagship brand of our thermal product range. All products are American made, to the highest quality and specification standards.

Whether it is Hunting, Exploring, or Security, FLIR offers the best solutions for all Thermal Imaging needs. Spotting game over a kilometer away. Navigating the great outdoors. Making your property safe again. FLIR products are the best suited to the most demanding needs.

FLIR offers different product ranges to accommodate a variety of budgets and applications.

The Scout range is our most popular Thermal Imaging solution.  Lightweight, rugged devices offer easy detection at incredible distances.

The LS range offers robust solutions for Law Enforcement and First Responders. These devices provide critical information to decision-makers, to maximize operational effectiveness and ensure safety.

The PathFindIR range is a thermal safety solution for drivers. These devices grant drivers full awareness of driving conditions in even the most challenging scenarios.

Explore our product range below.

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