BUNDLE PACK: The Deer Gear

THE DEER GEAR COMBO PACK comes with the GUIDE TN450 Thermal Binoculars and the HIKMICRO Stellar SQ50 Thermal Scope.

Deer can be tricky to find and easy to lose – not anymore! This package is suited to the hunter that hasnt got time to be caught off guard. With the Guide TN450 Thermal Binoculars, the user get an exceptional detection distance, the comfortability of binoculars instead of a monocular and the all important Laser Range Finder (LRF).

The HIKMICRO Stellar SQ50- Thermal Scope gives you one of, if not the clearest thermal images on the market, allowing you to take shots at a distance without hesitation. This combo is perfectly suited for deer and other large game.


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As most hunters know, Deer are skittish and usually need to be shot at a distance. With a combination of thermal binoculars and a high grade thermal scope, the job becomes much easier and much more effective.

The GUIDE TN450 Thermal Binoculars have been proven to have advantages over monoculars making identification much easier. The TN450 binoculars come with a unique 400 x 400 px thermal sensor and offer a higher base magnification making detecting large game such as deer at a long distance a breeze. The built in Laser Range Finder (LRF) gives the user an accurate distance of the target at all times.

Included in The Deer Gear Combo Pack is the impressive HIKMICRO Stellar SQ50 Thermal Scope. The SQ50 has a traditional day scope housing for easy 30mm ring mounting and a 640 x 510 px thermal sensor for maximum clarity for long distance shooting, making it perfect for high caliber rifles for large game.

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