HIKMICRO Thunder 2.0 TH50Z Thermal Scope

With a 2.2x to 34.6x large magnification realized by the 384 detector @20 mK, HIKMICRO THUNDER ZOOM TH50Z 2.0 is the perfect match for both wooded and open field areas. Besides, a F0.8 large aperture can strengthen your viewing ability of objects; an extended operation time can guarantee a non-stop game.

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The Thunder TH50Z Thermal Scope comes with a dual-lens system allowing the user to switch from a 25mm lens to a 50mm lens with the turn of a wheel. The 25mm lens gives the user a wide field of view and the 50mm lens allows for long range detection and identification of any target.

Using HIKMICROs top-of-the-line 384px, 12um, 20mk sensor, the TH50Z delivers state-of-the-art image quality to ensure you can identify targets every time and be confident in your shot.

The Thunder TH50Z has a detection distance of 2500m, giving you one of the longest detection distances available in Australia.

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