BUNDLE PACK: The Foxinator

HIKMICRO Falcon FH25 Thermal Monocular + HIKMICRO Alpex 4k A50E Night Vision Scope

This combination of thermal and night vision is a very effective option for fox eradication. This package includes the Falcon FH25 because of its outstanding ability to pick up smaller heat signatures at a distance. The combination of the two devices is perfect to take out those pesky foxes without breaking the bank.

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Like the Foxinator Pro, this package comes with a perfectly suited thermal monocular but includes a digital night vision scope option that caters to people with a smaller budget that still require quick and easy results.

The HIKMICRO Falcon FH25 Thermal Monocular is perfect for smaller game such as foxes due to its 35mm lens and 384 x 288 px sensor. Since foxes move more than most targets, the combination of both sensor and lens size gives the end user long and detailed spotting and a great field of view.

The Alpex 4k A50E has been a popular night vision scope due to its competitive price and quality. With foxes being the more elusive and quick moving, having a good quality night vision scope is important, and the A50E doesn’t disappoint.

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