BUNDLE PACK: The Bargain Bundle

The Bargain Bundle comes with the Midnight Optics Night Explorer Vision Binoculars and the HIKMICRO Alpex 4K A50E Night Vision Scope

The Bargain Bundle is a night vision users dream. Including the HIKMICRO Alpex 4K A50E Night Vision Scope and the Midnight Optics Explorer Night Vision Binoculars, you are sure to sneak up on anything that is not welcome or invading areas that need to be left alone.

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The Bargain Bundle is perfect for anyone on a budget that needs to care of any vermin problems. Coming in at a very reasonable price, The Bargain Bundle is a sure-fire way to help get rid of those pests that just seem to never go away.

The Bargain Bundle includes the new Midnight Optics Explorer Digital Night Vision Binoculars. The Explorer Binoculars are a very effective tool to scope out pests such as foxes, rats and rabbits. With its built-in 850nm IR Illuminator, the Explorer binoculars give the user a great HD visibility of the target without using any visible light like with spotlighting, allowing you to remain unseen and never giving away your position.

With the inclusion of the Alpex 4K A50E Digital Night Vision Scope, the Bargain Bundle gives both detection, identification and pinpoint accuracy, making it a great choice of loads of different hunting scenarios.

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