Pulsar Digex C50 Night Vision Scope

The Digex C50 Digital riflescope is designed for round-the-clock use. These riflescopes are designed for hunting, target shooting and recreational shooting, observation and orientation. The riflescope supports day and night observation modes and colour and black and white images. In deep twilight, when the human eye is already unable to discern details of observed objects, the Digex C50 displays a bright image with correct colour rendering, prolonging hunting time into the night. In night conditions (absence of starlight, moonlight), it is recommended to use an infrared illuminator with an 850 nm or 940 nm wavelength.



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With a combined   battery system  consisting  of  internal  and  external  battery offering  up  to 10hours  of run time.  Advanced set  of  ballistic  adjustments  provides  all  necessary features for precise aiming and shooting.

The all new PULSAR DIGEX C50 digital day and night riflescope  for professional hunting, pest control, and forestry. Featuring a full HD  CMOS  sensor with  high  nighttime  sensitivity the PULSAR DIGEX C50 offers excellent image quality in daytime, lowlight and night time conditions.

With a full colour natural looking  image  during  the  day,  colour  image  in  the twilight  without  auxiliary infrared  illuminator and a bright monochrome during the   night. The all new HD AMOLED  screen  ensures  correct  colour  rendering and   excellent   image   detail.

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