HIKMICRO Condor CH35L Thermal Monocular

The HIKMICRO CONDOR CH35L thermal monocular is equipped with a 384 × 288 @ 12 um infrared detector and a 1024 × 768 OLED display. With less than 20 mK NETD, which represents high thermal sensitivity, it ensures perfect image quality and detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions. Its 1000 m Laser rangefinder can accurately measure the distance when you are stalking or observing under low-light conditions. It can be applied mainly in forest hunting, birding, animal searching, adventuring, and recusing scenario.

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With an 1800 meter detection distance, the HIKMICRO CH35L Thermal Monocular will allow you to spot targets quickly and move into position.

Range your targets accurately with a built-in Laser Range Finder (LRF), accurate within 1 meter out to 1000 meters.

The CONDOR is built to withstand the harshest weather and can be submerged for up to half an hour in a meter of water.

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