Guide TK631 Thermal Monocular

Equipped with Guide’s new self-developed infrared detector and the patented image processing technology, the TK Gen2 Kitalpha Series captures sharp imaging and is packed with powerful features like image and video recording, smooth zoom, pseudo-colour adjustment, approximate ranging and PIP. Personalised image observation is supported in different scene modes. The built-in laser indicator and illuminator  facilitate itself to be operated in harsh environment.

640×480@12μm IR Resolution
≤30mk @ F1 25℃ NETD
35mm F1.0 Focal Length
12.5°×9.4° FOV

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The Guide TK631 Thermal Monocular sports a 35mm lens making it the largest lens in the 640 sensor TK range, allowing it to have the longest detection and identification distance. The TK631 is ideal for long-range detection for animals as small as a mouse to as large as deer.

With the ability to stream to a phone or tablet, the TK631 can be used as a vehicle or tripod-mount thermal spotter even allowing groups to view simultaneously.

With the option of Picture in Picture, the Guide TK631 Thermal Monocular can be used without needing to use any zoom functions while trying to identify a target.

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