Guide TN450 Thermal Binoculars

TN Normae Series follows classic binocular design, greatly reducing the fatigue feeling of long-time observation. It adopts high-sensitivity VOx uncooled IR detector, bring you high quality imaging and immersive observation experience with full color OLED 1024×768 high-definition display. A variety of functions to meet all your needs, such as taking photos, videos, WIFI, laser ranging, GPS, compass, etc.

400×300 IR resolution
50mm/F1.2 Focal Length
≤30m KNETD
3.2X~12.8X Magnification

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Unlike the standard 384 x 288 sensor, the Guide TN450 Thermal Binoculars have the benefit of the markets latest 400 x 300 sensor. The 400 x 300 sensor gives you more pixels compared to the standard 384 X 288 sensor, therefore giving a better image and further recognition distance for the user.

The TN450 comes with a Laser Range Finder that is crucial for thermal binoculars and monoculars as judging distance on a digital screen is nearly impossible. with the option of continuous running or manual range finding, the TN450 will give you an accurate distance measurement of up to 600 meters.

The TN450 comes with an impressive 3.2x base magnification allowing the user a longer detection distance without the need to constantly use the zoom buttons.


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