Fathers Day Gift Guide 2023

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2023

This Father’s Day, why settle for the usual socks and undies or coffee mug when you can give the gift of exploration and discovery?
If your Dad is a tech-savvy adventurer, boating enthusiast, avid hunter, or simply curious about the unseen world after dark, we’ve got you covered with a gift guide that takes the concept of Father’s Day presents to a whole new level.
Get ready to ignite his sense of wonder and adventure with gear that lets him see and experience the world in a whole new light.

For the Adventure Dad

Whether he enjoys camping, hiking or all round outdoor adventures, we have you covered!

With devices like the SIONYX Aurora Colour Night Vision Camera range, the HIKMICRO Heimdal Digital Night Vision Monocular or the Midnight Optics Explorer Night Vision Binoculars, you can be sure that dad will be spoilt on his day with the added bonus of now being able to see at night.

BUDGET FRIENDLY – Midnight Optics Explorer Night Vision Binoculars – $749
HIKMICRO Heimdal Digital Night Vision Monocular – $799

For the Dad that likes to get out on his boat

All aboard! Specially crafted ideas for the first mate and father you love so much are a click away. With new releases such as the SIONYX Nightwave Colour Night Vision Camera and the HIKMICRO Raptor, our most popular product at the Sydney Boat Show 2023, Dad will be swimming with joy while navigating the night safely on his beloved boat!

DESIGNED FOR BOATS – SIONYX Nightwave D1 Night Vision Camera – $2990

THERMAL & NIGHT VISION ALL IN ONE – HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L Thermal Fusion Binoculars – $5399

For the Dad that Hunts

Does Dad hunt? If so – we’ve got him covered! We have the largest range of premium quality Night Optics to suit any situation he might be in. Whether he needs a scope, a handheld thermal device or just something to give him the extra edge on those long nights out, we’ve got Fathers Day Gift ideas to make your selection that much easier and make him that much happier!

BUILT-IN LASER RANGE FINDER – OWLNV L3 LRF Digital Night Vision Scope – $1440
HIKMICRO Alpex A50T Night Vision Scope – $1599

NEW RELEASE – HIKMICRO Thunder TE19 2.0 Thermal Scope – $1599
NEW RELEASE – HIKMICRO Thunder TE25 2.0 Thermal Scope – $1999

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