All about the brand new Pulsar Krypton FXG50

All about the brand new Pulsar Krypton FXG50

KRYPTON FXG50 – The most powerful thermal imaging attachment from Pulsar


KRYPTON FXG50 - The most powerful thermal imaging attachment from PulsarPulsar are very happy to unveil the KRYPTON FXG50, their first ever Thermal vision front attachment with 640×480 @ 12 µm sensor.

Yukon Advanced Optics, the leading developer and manufacturer of night and thermal vision optics for outdoor professionals and hobbyists,
has launched KRYPTON FXG50 a thermal imaging front attachment for daytime optics that also doubles as a handheld monocular.
This new device very quickly converts your daytime scope to a full feature thermal optics, without the need to re-zero or having to replace the scope itself.

KRYPTON will be sold in 2 versions:

KRYPTON XG50 will come with a 5x monocular, meant for handheld use.

KRYPTON FXG50 will come with an adaptor (for 42 mm, 50 mm or 56 mm) for daytime scopes.


The biggest news, hides deep inside the KRYPTON, it‘s the brand new 640×480 @ 12 µm VOx microbolometer produced in the USA.
In Combination with a 50mm focus lens it brings an extreme detection range of up to 2300 meters. As well as, sharp, richly contrasted thermal imaging for enhanced identification of animals, their extremities and even the smallest details, i.e. branches, leaves, grass and terrain, making it a perfect tool for any type or area of the hunt.

Point-of-Impact Stability

For Pulsar KRYPTON FXG50, we came up with a totally new Quick-release Adaptor with Precise Screen Positioning (PSP) Mechanism. This dock not only allows you to quickly attach or remove the device, but also ensures it always sits in the exact right position. On top new adjustable mechanism enables you to perform precise alignment of attachment’s field of view with central point of riflescope’s field of view, making it easy to use with a range of different magnification optics from 1,5x all the way to 6x.

Krypton allows shooters to focus on quick target acquisition and shot placement in low-light environments without stressful, complex adjustments by utilizing a sequential layout of optical and electronic components designed to provide precise sight alignment and ultra-easy adjustability. Attachment’s design ensures stability of the point-of-impact when re-focusing the attachment at various distances.
The lightweight, magnesium alloy body not only ensures waterproofness of IPX7 rating, but is also calculated to withstand extreme level of punishment both from the elements as well as recoil from almost anything up to .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3×64



KRYPTON comes to you with a number of other features that one can already expect from Pulsar:

  • Proprietary IMAGE DETAIL BOOST technology for enhanced, super sharp and cripsy thermal image
  • HD AMOLED display
  • Quickly replaceable IPS7 batteries ensure up to 8 hours of non-stop operation
  • Video/photo recording
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with the StreamVision app for Firmware updates, reviewing and sharing the footage you captured, ballistic calculators and many more features.

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