HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L Thermal Binoculars

The HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L Thermal Binocular is the flagship binocular product from HIKMICRO. Featuring a newly developed <20mk 384 x 288px sensor to provide outstanding overall scene detail.

The RH50L thermal hosts a new fast F0.9 germanium lens system that allows more infrared transmission to the sensor, this combines with the <20mk sensor to relay incredible detail.

HIKMICRO have designed the Raptor RH50L to be all in one thermal and night vision device. The RH50L includes the thermal system and a UHD 1480px resolution day and night sensor that combines with an built-in IR within the unit for night time usage. Not only do you have thermal and direct image sensors, these combines with improved software and function to combine and deliver direction fusion image, to merge the two into one immersive image.

The HIKMICRO Raptor thermal binocular system has an integrated 1000m laser range finder system that outputs the distance within the viewing screen, so there is no need for second guessing or estimating range, the LRF allows for precision measurement day or night. It also features a dual display setup to reduce eye fatigue and provide a widescreen viewing experience. This also has inbuilt image stabilisation to prevent hand shake and motion blur of the image when in use and scanning with the device.

The Raptor RH50L also has integrated recording functions, audio, images and video are captured and stored on the internal memory. The RH50L also streams directly to the HIKMICRO Sight app, all media and images can be accessed via this and associated firmware updates can be applied in minutes.

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The HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L has a 50mm lens and a 384 x 288 12μm sensor allowing it to have an extremely impressive 5.7x base magnification and a detection distance of 2600 meters, the RH50L comes leaps and bounds above other 384 x 288 sensors.

20mk SENSOR 
Coming with a 20mk sensor, the Raptor RH50L has the ability to cut through fog, dust, rain, and other adverse conditions much better than most thermal on the market.

The Raptor comes with a Laser Range Finder that allows the user to have the assurance of correct distances up to 1000 meters at all times.


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