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Combining superior image quality, compact size and the latest in thermal imaging technology - the Panther is HIKMICRO’s latest release thermal scope range. By using experience gained over 20 years in thermal imaging development, HIKMICRO has created a state-of-the-art thermal imaging scope with all the premium features a shooter will require. All models come standard with a Laser Range Finder (LRF), WiFi streaming to a phone or tablet and a 3/10 year warranty, giving you 3 year warranty on the overall unit and 10 years warranty on the sensor. Discover the difference of the Panther series today.

Built In Laser Range Finder

Premium Image Quality

3/10 Year Warranty

HIKMICRO Panther Thermal Imaging Scope

Panther PH35L

With a magnification range of 3x – 24x, the Panther PH35L is designed to be used in scenarios such as fox and rabbit shooting. The 3x base magnification means the user does not have to compromise image quality to have a good field of view, and can still achieve shots on smaller game at a distance. The Panther PH35L comes with a laser range finder – a tool that is crucial for judging hang over or accurate distance judgement in unfamiliar territory.

HIKMICRO Panther Thermal Imaging Scope

Panther PH50L

The Panther PH50L has been picked as one of the top scopes for mid-range game shooting. The unit has a great starting magnification of almost 4.5x, and comes with a 12 micron sensor, ensuring the image of the PH50L stays crystal clear even at a high magnification. A great way to set up a “never need to touch my scope” configuration is by turning on ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode, allowing you to have both a 4.5x magnification with a 9x magnification on one screen.

HIKMICRO Panther Thermal Imaging Scope

Panther PQ35L

Coming in with a 640×512 resolution sensor, the PQ35L is the Jack of all trades. The 640 sensor allows the hunter to have a wide field of view but also have the ability to use magnification without pixelating the target. Like all Panther models, the PQ35L comes with a laser range finder that helps the shooter to have an accurate measurement of the target at all times. Dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of scopes, the PQ35L can be used on anything from vermin to large game in open and bush areas.

HIKMICRO Panther Thermal Imaging Scope

Panther PQ50L

Distance, clarity and a light weight device is a rare combination when we talk about a 640 sensor, 50mm lens thermal, but the PQ50L has all this and more. This scope has been used for anything from rats in sheds, pigs in crop, and deer in valleys. The PQ50L like the PQ35L has a 640 sensor however, is complimented with the popular 50mm lens, which allows it to have a higher base magnification while keeping a very practical field of view.