Tracking downed game with a thermal monocular

Tracking downed game with a thermal monocular


One of the many different uses for a thermal monocular is the ability to track downed game quickly and cut down on search & recovery time.

By being able to follow blood trails left behind by a wounded animal, the user can track which direction the animal has headed after being shot. This blood trail will stay for various lengths of time depending on the ambient conditions, with a cooler night allowing for the trail to stay warm for longer.

As many shooters have experienced in the past, hours can be spent attempting to track down and recover game after the shot has been taken. Using thermal technology not only saves hours in a night, but also allows a more ethical style of hunting due to being able to find wounded animals which have been hit.

Thermal is also an invaluable tool for law enforcement tracking, being able to quickly detect if someone has recently walked along a path, or detect the heat from the wheels of a car to show recently arrived vehicles.

Below is a quick video showing the sensitivity of the HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LH19 which is able to pick up the heat left from a persons feet on grass.



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