HIKMICRO Thunder TQ35 2.0 Thermal Scope

The HIKMICRO THUNDER TQ35 2.0 Thermal Image Scope has a 640 × 512 thermal detector and a 1024 × 768 OLED display. High thermal sensitivity ensures perfect detail recognition even in the hardest weather conditions when the object and background are with minimal temperature difference. With an extended operation time, the scope is mainly applied to scenarios such as hiking, hunting, searching and rescuing.

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Accompanied by a 35mm lens, the TQ35 2.0 has an impressive 12.52° × 10.03° FOV making targets easier to spot and not lose while in motion.

The TQ35 2.0 comes with a  SUB 20mK NETD, 640 x 512 12µm Thermal Sensor giving the device a detection distance of well over 1km. The HD display screen also offers great clarity and a much larger variety of scope options to attach to, the unit is compatible with scopes of a base magnification up to 8x.

The Thunder TQ35 2.0 like all other HIKMICRO devices has a flawless connection to any device that can download the HIKMCIRO SIGHT APP. Whether you are hunting alone or with a partner, the Wi-Fi option will give you the capabilities to see everything through the device the unit is streamed to, Remember, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

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