HIKMICRO Thunder 2.0 TQ60Z Thermal Scope

Equipped with a 640 thermal detector, a 35 mm F0.9 and a 60 mm F1.1 lens given a wide FOV at 22 m and a magnification starting at 1.8x, HIKMICRO THUNDER ZOOM TQ60Z 2.0 is perfect for long-range hunting up to 3000 m. With an extended operation time, whether in forest or in field, TQ60Z 2.0 can be your helpful companion.

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60MM + 35MM LENS
With the ability to go from a 35mm lens to a 60mm lens, the Thunder TQ60Z is a revolutionary scope allowing for wide FOV when needed or a 60mm lens for extremely long detection distances when the long shots are needed.

Using HIKMICRO’s state of the art 640px sensor, the TH60Z delivers a crisp image even in adverse conditions.

The Thunder TQ60Z like all other HIKMICRO devices has a flawless connection to any device that can download the HIKMCIRO SIGHT APP. Whether you are hunting alone or with a partner, the Wi-Fi option will give you the capabilities to see everything through the device the unit is streamed to, Remember, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

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