Pulsar Telos XP50 LRF Thermal Monocular

The  Telos XP50 and the Pulsar Telos XP50 LRF are the first-ever upgradable thermal imaging monocular lines by Pulsar. The Telos thermal imaging monoculars are designed for timeless use and intended to adapt to the ever-changing needs of hunters and outdoorsmen.

The Telos XP50 LRF thermal imaging monocular is equipped with the best European made Lynred sensor with a 640×480 resolution and @17 microns pixel pitch.

The real game changer is its extreme NETD thermal sensitivity under 18mK. This sensor quality guarantees simply stunning thermal imaging capabilities even in the most severe weather conditions. Add the fast-aperture F50/1.0 germanium lens, and you have the highest possible quality and most detailed and informative image in any hunting conditions.

The new Telos LRF is ideal for detecting an object from greater distances. Use the built-in precise laser rangefinder in the Telos XP50 LRF model for quick and error-free distance determination. The LRF measures distances of up to 1 kilometer in single measurements and continuous scanning modes.

THE PULSAR TELOS XP50 LRF IS EXPERIENCING HEAVY DELAYS AND BACK ORDERS – AT THIS TIME WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE A FIRM ETA. Please contact us for more information on 02 9283 4375 or email [email protected]

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The Pulsar Telos XP50 LRF Thermal Monocular has the ability to have almost every part and feature upgraded, As technology upgrades so does the Telos. From the lens, sensor, and even range finder, The Telos will have to ability to be upgraded with all the new releases that may be available in the future giving the user the piece of mind knowing that he is always using the latest and greatest.

The 1024×768 pixel resolution AMOLED display has improved colour rendering, is power saving, offers high contrast imagery and a quick response, as well as providing clear & smooth images when observing on-the-move or in cold conditions.

IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow or other precipitation. The Pulsar Telos XP50 LRF Thermal Monocular is designed to run flawlessly, even after submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

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