Guide TD421-LRF Thermal Monocular

The TD Gen2 LRF Series is the industry’s first entry-level full-featured handheld thermal imaging monoculars. While inheriting the characteristics of the previous generation, such as being lightweight, portable, easy to operate, and durable, it integrates a high-precision laser rangefinder module to accurately detect targets within 600 meters. It adopts an OLED display, providing clear imaging and a comfortable viewing experience, making it the ideal equipment for outdoor night vision.

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Like the TD431, the Guide TD421 Thermal Monocular comes with a 384×288 thermal sensor but has a 25mm lens, meaning that while you might get a slightly shorter detection distance, you do however get a better Field of View allowing for quicker target detection.

With the option of Picture in Picture, the TD421 can be used without needing to use any zoom functions while trying to identify a target.

The TD421 comes with a Laser Range Finder that is crucial for thermal binoculars and monoculars as judging distance on a digital screen is nearly impossible. with the option of continuous running or manual range finding, the TD421 will give you an accurate distance measurement of up to 600 meters.

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