3 Original Gifts For This Father’s Day

3 Original Gifts For This Father’s Day

Once again we’re nearly on the cusp of yet another Father’s Day. Now before you get any wise ideas, don’t forget you bought socks last year. It can be easy to default to classic Dad gifts when you feel like yours is the Dad that has it all. This year we are here to stop you from getting overwhelmed by the Father’s Day gift giving bonanza.

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging devices make fantastic gifts for active Dads. With such rapid expansion of the category in recent years, Thermal and Night Vision manufacturers have created devices for an incredibly wide variety of applications. From hunting and fishing to exploring or security. There is a Night Vision or Thermal device for every Dad.

Without further ado, here are our 3 picks for Father’s Day 2018.

Fathers Day FLIR Scout TKThe FLIR Scout TK

The TK is a thermal imaging monocular that can detect heat signatures out to 90m. It has a variety of colour palettes and some handy onboard recording features. When it comes to application the TK is versatile. It is fantastic for wildlife observation, in the wild or even just in the backyard. It is a rugged unit that can stand more than a jostle or two. Throwing it onto a car seat next to you, or into your pocket is no stress what-so-ever. Make your property safe by keeping a watchful eye out with a thermal camera that will detect through smoke, fog, dust, and light scrub.

Fathers Day Wolfcub 4x40 Digital Night Vision MonocularThe Wolfcub 4×40 Digital Night Vision Monocular

The Wolfcub 4×40 uses Digital Night Vision technology to illuminate the dark. Unlike traditional night vision, digital night vision works day or night. This way the Wolfcub 4×40 can help Dad keep an eye out day or night. Navigate through the scrub at night. Bring a fishing party back into port with confidence. Maintain a close watch on livestock. The Wolfcub is the perfect option for Dad’s who haven’t tried night vision yet, and want to get a better understanding of what it is like. It is affordable, super easy to use, and comes with onboard recording.

Fathers Day Armasight By FLIR Vampire 3xThe Armasight By FLIR Vampire 3x Rifle Scope

This one is for the hunter Dads. The Vampire 3x uses revolutionary fusion technology to take hunting into the night. This riflescope provides crisp and clear night vision imagery at night to help take aim at even the craftiest game. With the Vampire, Dad won’t have to stop the hunt when the sun goes down. Help him eliminate pests stalking livestock at night, or stay one step ahead of even the quickest prey in the dark. The Vampire is packed out with quick release mounts to make it interchangeable with Dad’s day scope. It also comes with a two-year warranty to make sure Dad won’t have to go without.

We hope our suggestions for have got you thinking outside the box for this Dad’s Day. Check out these products and more so you’re guaranteed to blow lasts years socks right off Dad’s feet.

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