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ThermTec Ares 660 Thermal Scope

The most advanced Thermal Optic is here, the ThermTec Ares660 Dual FOV Thermal Sight, featuring a 20/60mm focal length or 1.07 and 3.2 optical magnification.

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60mm + 20mm LENS
With the ability to go from a 20mm lens to a 60mm lens, the Thermtec Ares 660 is a revolutionary scope allowing for wide FOV when needed or a 60mm lens for extremely long detection distances when the long shots are needed.

Photo/Video Recording
With the inclusion of photo and video recording, the user has the ability to go back on footage to see what has been missed or just show off the footage captured on the night’s outing.

IP67 Graded
Having a grading of IP67 means that even in the wettest most adverse conditions the user can be sure that no weather can come in the way of use.

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