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ThermTec Ares 635 Thermal Scope

The ThermTec Ares 635 Thermal Scope offers solid performance and extensive features. The 2-way WiFi enables streaming to the Internet, the sensor has a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, a person can be detected at a distance of 1.8 km. The display is one of the latest technology with AMOLED HD LEDs, it also offers 7 crosshairs, Backlight, 6 colour modes, audio recording and PIP.

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35mm LENS
The ThermTec Ares 635 Thermal Scope has the benefits of having a 640 thermal sensor and a 35mm objective lens meaning the unit keeps great image quality at magnification while offering a solid FOV of 12.52°× 10.03° compared to the 9.0° x 7.0° on most 50mm 640’s on the market.

Comes with the ability to stream to any phone, tablet, or iPad with all function controls on the screen of the device being streamed to.

With the inclusion of photo and video recording, the user has the ability to go back on footage to see what has been missed or just show off the footage captured on the night’s outing.

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