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ThermTec Cyclops-D CP650D Thermal Monocular

Introducing the ThermTec Cyclops-D CP650D Thermal Monocular, the worlds most advance and versatile device. The Cyclops-D series offers users a market leading dual field of view system allowing the user to switch between lens systems with the twist of a dial, a <25mk thermal sensor for crystal clear imagery in the field and an ergonomic joystick for ease of use in the field. The ThermTec Cyclops-D CP650D offers users a 25mm and 50mm dual lens system, offering unmatched versatility to switch between low magnification and a wide field of view when set to 25mm, and high base magnification and long range identification when using the 50mm lens. Combining the dual lens system with the ThermTec top of class 640px sensor, the Cyclops-D CP650D positions itself as the markets most premium thermal monocular.

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The Cyclops-D CP650D Thermal Monocular comes with a dual-lens system allowing the user to switch from a 25mm lens to a 50mm lens with the turn of a wheel. The 25mm lens gives the user a wide field of view and the 50mm lens allows for long range detection and identification of any target.

The ThermTec Cyclops-D series has a built-in battery with 12H super long capacity, which ensures a pleasant and dedicated outdoor experience without worry.

Designed with both WDR mode and target mode the ThermTec Cyclops-D series captures details clearly under different scenarios as needed. WDR Mode is suitable for high-contrast lighting conditions, while Target Mode helps you to focus more on your targets.


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