MH-D Thermal Imaging Driver Assist Kit

Is safety paramount to your journey? Thermal Imaging Driver Assist technology is the next step in automotive safety. Using thermal imaging cameras, driver assist devices can help drivers identify potential hazardous situations well before they unfold. Avoid wandering wildlife. Steer clear of unseen obstructions. Detect pedestrians through smoke or fog.

The MH-D kit includes a thermal imaging driver assist camera that mounts within the front grill of a vehicle. The camera is connected to an inbuilt vehicle display, or a separately available 6” LCD monitor, to display and detect thermal signatures in the path of the vehicle. The MH-D boasts detection distances of 200m for a man sized object, or 400m for a vehicle. Combined with rugged design and the intelligent recognition system the MH-D is the superior option to make your journey as safe as possible.

Our range of automotive thermal imaging devices are guaranteed to give drivers the peace of mind on long haul trips, and through busy city streets.


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Thermal Imaging Detector (Sensor)
Sensor type 384x288 Uncooled Microbolometer
Spectral band (µm) 8~14 microns (LWIR)
Lens Focus 19mm
Field-of-View 28°x21° (PAL), 27°x18° (NTSC)
Image Presentation
Video Output Resolution 50Hz PAL/60Hz NTSC
Start-up time ≤8s
Calibration Algorithim Auto shutter calibration (shutter-less algorithm optional)
Image Processing Algorithm Auto brightness & contras/image enhancement
Intelligent alarm algorithm Pedestrian recognition
Electric Interface
Power Input DC 9~32v
Communication Port RS232
Video Output Interface CVBS single-ended/difference
Power Supply
Regulated Voltage DC 9~32v
Power Consumption ≤3.5w(@12v, when heating up the front window.)
Environment Compatibility
Operating Temperature Range -40°C~80°C
Storage Temperature Range -45 ~90°C
Auto Heater If front window temperature is lower than 2°C±2°C, auto heater works; If front window temperature is higher than 7°C±2°C, auto heater does not work
Salt Spray 6500 working hours under 81% humidity, 25°C, refer to standard IEC60068-2-11Ka
Sand and Dust 6 working hours under sand & dust density 10g/m3, airflow velocity under 10m/s, refer to standards GB/t2423. 37-2006Lc1
Shock Half-sine wave, accelerating 30g, duration 11ms, 5 times/diretion, 3-axis/3-direction
Vibration 25-500-25Hz, sine scanning frequency 1 oct?min, Z-axis 3g, X, Y-axis 1.5g, 8h/direction
Encapusaltion IP67
Size 75mm x 58mm x 68mm
Weight ≤400g
Effective Range
Target Man Sized Vehicle
Detection Range ≥200m ≥400m
Recognition Range ≥90m ≥120m