HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25LN Multi-Spectrum Binocular

Experience the unparalleled power and innovation of the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K HE25LN. Engineered with precision for daytime use, it integrates a cutting-edge 256px thermal detector and an advanced 4K digital detector, all behind a 5.5x-22x @60mm lens. With a built-in 1000m laser rangefinder, this versatile binocular is your ultimate companion for activities like forest & field hunting, birding, animal tracking, adventure, and rescue missions, delivering top performance in any weather conditions.

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The Habrok 4k HE25LN comes with an impressive 4k day/night sensor allowing for extremely long target identification with crystal clear imagery.

The combination of thermal and night vision on one device allows the user to have quick detection and fast recognition with the press of a button.

The inclusion of a 1000m Laser Range Finder gives the user the knowledge of target distance at all times.

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