ABS Tactical Helmet – GREEN

The Future Assault Shell Technology (FAST) helmet was designed by the US Army in the mid 2000’s. FAST helmets are lighter and lower profile than standard combat helmets. Numerous countries and departments, including the US Army, SWAT, German Bundeswehr and Australian Defense Force use FAST helmets with their combat uniform. This is a replica helmet and has no ballistic protection.

This helmet uses ABS plastic, which has decent impact resistance and toughness. Rails feature along each side of the helmet for the attachment of torches and IR strobes, useful for night time spotting. The front of the helmet has a night vision goggle clip mount for people with deep pockets. Or for the airsofter/paintballer this mounting clip can be used for your action camera with the appropriate adapter.

Need a new tactical helmet that has an unmatched modular design coupled with ease of use? Then this combat helmet will be what you’re looking for.


  • ABS plastic
  • 2 Tactical side mounted rails
  • Front facing night vision goggle mount
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Drain holes
  • Screw adjustable headband
  • Padded insides for extra comfort
  • Spare hook & loop/pad inserts


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