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Sionyx Aurora Black Colour Night Vision Camera

Aurora Black

The Aurora Black colour digital night vision camera was developed in response to market demand for low-cost night vision. Designed for rugged conditions, the Aurora Black is IP67 water resistance rated and built to withstand the elements. Experience color night vision under near moonless starlight conditions with the all-new Aurora Black.

Sionyx Aurora Colour Night Vision Camera

Aurora Classic

The SIONYX Aurora Classic is the world’s first colour digital night vision camera.  The SIONYX patented ultra low-light sensor technology empowers the viewer to see in full colour down to 2 millilux or near moonless starlight conditions. The Aurora is one of the ranges most advanced cameras and comes with an integrated compass, GPS, and accelerometer.

Sionyx Aurora Pro Colour Night Vision Camera

Aurora Pro

The Aurora Pro is the flagship full colour digital night vision optic from SIONYX. The Pro is their latest development with both new sensor technology and enhanced optics giving the viewer the most advanced digital night vision capabilities. The Pro performs best in the darkest conditions and is designed with extreme environments in mind.

Sionyx Aurora Explorer Edition

Pro Explorer Kit

The Aurora Pro Explorer Edition is the top of the line kit from SIONYX. This kit includes their most advanced camera, The SIONYX Aurora Pro, and all of their favourite accessories. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit, then the Pro Explorer Edition is for you.

SIONYX Nightwave Night Vision Dome Camera


Nightwave is an ultra-low-light camera built around SIONYX’s patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor. It allows mariners of all levels to easily spot obstacles and debris in moonless starlight without white light or expensive thermal cameras – navigating safely, avoiding collisions, and maximising time on the water. 


Hunting with the SIONYX Aurora Pro Colour Night Vision Camera

Whether you’re chasing foxes or hunting pigs, the SIONYX Aurora products give you an unrivalled low-light visibility advantage. This means you won’t need to worry about visibility whether you’re making a pre-sunrise start or dragging out your trophy after dark. Used as a handheld monocular, you can navigate your way through deep woods, unknown terrain, or to your stand with stealth, avoiding alerting local wildlife to your presence. 


Mounted Sionyx Aurora Colour Night Vision Camera

When safety matters most, trust Aurora to guide you without worrying about unseen debris, channel markers, and vessels. We sat down with Captain Dan, owner of ElevateYacht to discuss the advantages that digital night vision offers. All it takes is a SIONYX night vision camera and an iPad or Android tablet (or phone) and in just a few seconds you can be streaming full colour night vision back to your helm station.


SIONYX Aurora Pro Colour Night Vision Camera Kit

Private investigators and executive protection professionals are leveraging the SIONYX for it’s extreme low-light capabilities for surveillance and evidence gathering. Canvas the set in full colour HD 720p or record in moonless starlight conditions (Aurora Pro). Increase officer safety without sacrificing the ability to observe and record any activity at night.