ACT PVS-14 LTE Photonis Echo Autogated FOM1600


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The ACT PVS-14 LTE Photonis Echo is a brand new product created by ACT which is a non-manual gain version of our popular PVS-14, will the full feature set of the PVS-14 including auto shut off function when helmet mounted and flipped up. The rugged design is combat proven and extremely durable. Its built for combat. A wide range of standard PVS-14 accessories are available, from rail mounts to magnification lenses. This provides the user with an unmatched flexibility. An integrated IR illuminator can be activated to provide a good image even in the darkest of places where no light is available, such as closed buildings and underground structures. Additionally, The ACT PVS-14 LTE Photonis Echo comes with the option of White Phosphor and green Phosphor.


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