PARD SA-19 Thermal Imaging Scope


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Approximate lead times on PARD SA thermal scopes are 2 – 3 weeks post order.


The PARD SA thermal scope series is the latest addition to the PARD range and is available in a variety of lens sizes including 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm with the ability for a laser rangefinder version as well.

The PARD SA series is a compact and portable multinational thermal imaging that is ideal for the average hunter, shooter and farmer due to it’s exceptional price point and ease of operation. The PARD comes with added features such as video recording, one-shot zeroing and E-compass.

Using advanced NST technology and incorporated with French detector allows it to feature high sensitivity, high refresh rate, and high availability.

Additionally, the weight (300-400 grams) of these PARD units make them one of the lightest thermal scopes available to customers and also one of the most affordable thermal scopes available on the market with the low price point starting at $3,999!



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