Cono NightSeer 335H Thermal Imaging Monocular


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Looking for more? The Cono NightSeer 335H is the exciting next step forward in thermal imaging. Featuring a powerful heat detecting core and rugged design, the 335H thermal imaging monocular will take you beyond sight. Detect heat signatures at an enormous 1.35km through fog, smoke, and scrub. Spot game at distance. Take to the great outdoors with confidence. Keep a watchful eye over your property.

  • Inbuilt stadiametric range finder for accurate distance detection.
  • High definition AMOLED screen for a crisp display.
  • IP67 grade protection for waterproof and drop resistance in temperatures from -40°C to 60°C
  • Power ULIS 384×288 core for detection out to 1.35km.
  • LiFEPO4 Battery for 5 hours continuous use.

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