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Wolfcub PVS-14 Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggles


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The PVS-14 is the most widely recognized and dependable U.S. Military night vision goggle system available. The PVS-14 system has proven itself in combat due to its rugged, ergonomic design. The Wolfcub PVS-14 boasts a Gen 2+ Image Intensifier Tuber (IIT) with a Figure Of Merit (FOM) of 1250-1400.

The Wolfcub also has built-in infra-red illuminator which allows the user to operate under conditions of zero light. Lightweight, rugged, and versatile, the Wolfcub PVS-14 can be hand-held, head-mounted, and helmet-mounted. The dismounted goggle can also be used as an excellent long range viewer (with optional magnification lenses).

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