GSCI PVS-31C Gen2+/3 Dual-Tube NV Binoculars


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PVS-31C is a high-performance dual-tube type night vision binoculars. Precisely and ruggedly built housing and optics meet or exceed military specifications. PVS-31C can be used as handheld or with head gear, helmet mount assemblies for hands-free use. This device has a built-in short range Infrared Illuminator, light overload sensor and Manual Gain Control (optional, with selected IIT).

PVS-31C works with single AA battery or with single CR123 battery and is compatible with most IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.

The crucial issue in modern military is “survivability” of a soldier. Depth perception of such “dual-tube” device allows using PVS-31C for operating various machines, boats etc., in addition to basic ground operations.

The fact is that a dual-tube night vision  system has proved to be more effective and safe for low-light conditions compared to a “pseudo-binocular” system, commonly known as “PVS-7”, which is a “one lens-two eyes” type of NVD.



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