GSCI TWS-3000 50Hz Thermal Imaging Sight


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TWS-3000 Series Thermal Imaging Sights

GSCI TWS-3000 Series Thermal  Sights offer the greatest performance in the lightest and most rugged package, and represent the best thermal sights available on the market. Great performance, coupled with high resolution sensors, and OLED displays firmly positioned TWS-3000 Series sights as a leader in the industry.
TWS-3000 can be supplied with various high-quality, fast germanium lenses featuring optical magnification from 1X and up to 4X and a low F-Number. Along with the GSCI proprietary video signal processing software allows to achieve impressive long range detection, recognition, and identification ranges.
While most of the rival systems have an FPA format of 320×240 with 9-30 Hz refresh rate, GSCI TWS-3000 sights are offered at entry level with FPAs of 384×288 with 50(PAL)/60(NTSC) Hz refresh rate, or at top notch with FPAs of 640×480, 17um. Such increases of resolution and frame rate, provide the user with a much smoother looking image, and clearer details from increased shading/gradation. Current users of TWS-3000, that have also used other devices, have made a point that the FPAs with higher resolution and refresh rates really make a difference. Frame rate lag is almost zero during quick panning and tracking of fast-moving objects.
TWS-3000 kit includes “2 quick swap battery packs” allowing rapid interchange without long interruption in sight’s operation. The sights are also programmed with 16 selectable patterns of reticules and a standard M1913 Picatinny Mount. TWS-3000 also features the ability to be connected to an external video monitor, recorder, or Head Mounted Display (HMD-800)



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