HIKMICRO Thunder Pro TE19C Thermal Scope

The Thunder Pro TE19C features a crisp 19mm f/1 objective lens focusing the available thermal radiation. The field of view on this thermal weapon sight is 9.24 by 6.94 degrees. It features a 8 times digital zoom to enlarge your subject. The eye relief distance is measured at 45mm and the exit pupil diameter measures 6mm.

Behind the lens of the Thunder Pro TE19C you can find the (uncooled, 12 micrometer) 256 x 192 pixels thermal core refreshing the image at 50Hz. The thermal contrast (NETD) of this thermal weapon sight is <35mK and it’s operating within the 8µm to 14µm infrared spectrum.

The physical dimensions of this thermal weapon sight read 187 x 62 x 59mm (lwh) weighing in at 430 grams. This device is rated IP67. It handles dust, shocks, water (splashes) and submersion under water. It’s rated for operating in temperatures between -20°C and 55°C.

The Thunder Pro TE19C is built to be used in hunting adventures and police operations.


  • Various reticles and colours
  • 35mK NETD
  • Large OLED Display
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • WiFi Streaming
  • High Shock Resistance (750g/ms)
  • Multiple zeroing profiles


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Using a 2.5x base magnification, the Thunder TE19 gives great short-mid range shooting capability with a 900m detection distance.

The Thunder TE series is Australia’s best-priced entry-level scope – designed with the landowner and recreational hunter in mind.

Use your device with confidence knowing that your unit is covered by HIKMICROs warranty – 3 years on the overall unit and 10 years on the sensor.

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