Guide TU450 Thermal Scope

Guide TU Thermal Scope retains the appearance of a traditional daylight scope and perfectly integrates latest premium thermal imaging technology. The design of this scope accommodates long-term operating habits of hunters. TU series adopts 400×300 high- sensitivity thermal detector with three different lens options of 25mm,35mm,50mm, and its 10 sets of zero calibration configuration make it convenient to switch between different instruments.

400×300 IR resolution
50mm Focal Length
7.78°×5.84° FOV
3.2× – 12.8x Magnification

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50mm LENS
The Guide TU450 Thermal Scope comes with a 50mm lens and a 3.2x base magnification making it a perfect scope for mid to long-range shooting.

Sporting a traditional day-scope look, the Guide TU450 allows for quick swapping and mounting from rifle to rifle.

The Guide TU450 Thermal Scope has a 1024 x 768 Full-colour OLED, high contrast, image detail boosting screen for a full HD image.


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