Guide TA431 Thermal Clip On

Featuring high-resolution thermal imaging detectors with with 400×300 and 640×480 pixel resolutions repsectively and HD OLED displays, TA Gen2 offers image of exceptional quality with high contrast and rich detail. While still being lightweight and modest in size, the attachment’s revolutionary battery technology enables it to operate for a prolonged period of time. With other numerous useful features, it is a true thermal upgrade turning day scopes into powerful thermal imaging aiming systems.

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The TA Gen2 uses high quality 17μm and 12 µm thermal imaging detectors with 400×300 and 640×480 pixel resolution respectively to offer an exceptionally sharp image and excellent thermal sensitivity in all weather conditions.

The TDE-Tech and PureIR bring crisp, richly contrasted thermal imaging for enhanced identification of targets, their extremities and even the smallest details.

With IP67 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy-rainfall, dust, and impact. Working temperature is -30°C to 50°C , suitable for all kinds of harsh weather.

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