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HIKMICRO Gryphon GH35L Thermal Fusion Monocular

The HIKMICRO GRYPHON GH35L fusion thermal monocular combines the use of both visible light and invisible light to create an image that can be used in any environment. Equipped with custom 384 × 288px 12um sensor, a stunning OLED display, a 35mm lens and a laser rangefinder, the HIKMICRO Gryphon takes thermal monoculars to a whole new level.

The HIKMICRO GRYPHON sports an in built Range Finder, accurate to +/- 1m over 600m, hot tracking, 6 colour pallets including Image Fusion, and integrated with with the T-Vision app over wifi. The custom designed thermal detector featuring a NETD of less than 35mk provides a clear image even in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, forest, etc.

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With an 1800 meter detection distance, the GH35 will allow you to spot targets quickly and move into position.

Range your targets accurately with a built-in Laser Range Finder (LRF), accurate within 1 meter out to 600 meters.

Unlock more detail in every frame with the combination of night vision and thermal in a single unit.

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