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Guide TD430 Thermal Monocular

TD Delphinus Series follow the design of traditional optical equipment. It is a small, lightweight , simple operation, and a wide range of application scenarios for infrared handheld thermal imaging monocular. TD Thermal scope has clear imaging and comfortable observation, suitable for medium distance and short-distance observation, It is an ideal equipment for outdoor night vision.

400×300 IR resolution
35mm/F1.0 Focal Length
Manual Focusing
1x, 2x and 4x Digital Zoom

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The Guide TD430 Thermal Monocular is equipped with a 35mm lens and a 400 × 300, 12 μm sensor allowing it to have an impressive 3.4 base magnification for longer detection while still achieving a good FOV (field of view).

With the option of Picture in Picture, the TD430 can be used without needing to use any zoom functions while trying to identify a target.

Coming in at only 350 grams, the TD430 is perfect for any on-the-go user.

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