NightRide Ranger Thermal Vehicle System

The NightRide Ranger is a small, lightweight infrared camera, using heat signatures to give you a view 400m down the road through dust, rain, snow, fog, smoke, and complete darkness. The perfect device for any commercial driver, daily driver or outdoorsman – the versatility and ease of use gives you thermal sight wherever you roam.

Installation is a pain-free 5 minutes, and can be popped onto any vehicle – from your car or truck to ATV or motorcycle.

The NightRide Ranger can also be taken on foot with a GoPro mount attached to your helmet, or clipped onto a backpack when attached to an auxiliary battery pack!

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The NightRide Ranger Thermal Vehicle System comes with a 388 x 288px thermal sensor, providing a detection distance of 350m for a man sized object. This allows the driver to make decisions at a safe distance, steer clear of any incoming or surrounding potential threats and hazards that headlights simply wont pick up.

The Ranger is one of the easiest vehicle-mounted units to install on the market, simply connect the unit to your battery and clamp it onto the hood of your vehicle and you’re done, ready to go!

Whether it’s for evidence capture or purely just for the user, the NightRide Ranger can capture every moment on any drive.

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