Midnight Optics MNVG Night Vision Goggles

Experience the future of housing technology with the Midnight Optics MNVG Night Vision Goggles. Meticulously crafted with aerospace-grade magnesium and titanium alloys, this housing represents the perfect fusion of durability and lightweight construction, weighing a mere 15.3 ounces in its lightest configuration.

Designed with versatility in mind, the MNVG boasts a modular construction, allowing effortless interchangeability of power supplies. Seamlessly switch between CR123A, AA, and more in just minutes to suit your specific needs. In addition to this, the MNVG features a Modular Bridge System (MBS), enabling users to transform the device into two separate monoculars, enhancing adaptability like never before.

Midnight Optics gives you the ability to fully customise your unit by picking your preferred Tube and Lens System.

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The MH-1 has all of the features that users in the modern night vision users demand: manual gain, articulating pods, auto-pod shut-off, external power capable, takes standard PVS-14 milspec optics.
Use the MNVG in either dual eye format or flip-up either the left or right lens to convert the unit back to monocular format on the user’s preferred eye.
Weighing in at only 433g, The Midnight Optics MNVG is easily mounted and suited for long time operation.

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