iRay Jerry-FB Thermal Fusion Night Vision Goggles


FOM1400-1600 White Phosphor
The Jerry-FB Thermal Fusion Goggles combine thermal and night vision capabilities in one system, eliminating the need to switch between separate devices or use clip-on thermal imagers like the Jerry C. It features a thermal system over the right eye that processes thermal signatures and fuses them with night vision imagery, providing a real-time thermal overlay. This fusion offers the benefits of both low-light night vision and rapid thermal detection.

Unlike traditional Clip-On Thermal Imagers (COTIs) that project light externally, the Jerry FB integrates the thermal overlay internally, preventing it from being washed out by ambient light. Powered by a single off-board battery pack, it simplifies the multi-spectrum solution.

The Jerry-FB has a 19mm thermal lens, detecting man-sized targets up to 1.5km and vehicles up to 3km. It offers multiple thermal modes (full thermal, outline, highlight) and can be used in traditional night vision mode. The thermal overlay can be adjusted via the on-board menu to align with the night vision image.

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  • Built-in hard IPD adjustment knobs
  • External Power Supply
  • NNVT NVT4 1400 FOM White Phosphor intensifiers onboard
  • Manual Gain
  • Independent Pod Shut-off
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • High-resolution 640×512 12um thermal core
  • +2 to -4 adjustable diopter eyepieces
  • Built-in compass and ability to accept external video signals
  • Battery Life: 8h (thermal); 100h (night vision only)
  • Mounting Interface: Dovetail
  • Weight: 600g (with intensifiers); 320g (battery pack and cables)
  • Manual gain: Supported but requires manual gain intensifiers

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