The HIKMICRO TS16-50 Thermal Fusion Binocular is equipped with ultra-low light optical detector, 640 × 512 thermal detector, 1024×768 OLED display, and eyepiece with a large field of view. The device can quickly discover and locate hiding objects even under extreme environments, such as smoke, fog, rain, and snow. It can be widely applied to scenarios like patrol, law enforcement, search and rescue, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling, and suspect capture. The HIKMICRO TS16-50 Thermal Fusion Binocular has a detection range of a human-sized object of over 1800+ metres and 4500+ metres for a vehicle-sized object.

Key Features:

  • Thermal: 640 × 512@25fps, optical: 1280 × 960@25fps
  • NETD < 40mk (@25°C,F#=1.0)
  • DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement)
  • 3D DNR, adaptive AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • Ultra-low illumination (optical channel), B/W: 0.001 lux @ (F1.0 , AGC On )
  • 0.39-inch OLED display
  • Automatic OLED backlight
  • Manual focus for thermal lens
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion and object highlight (detail enhancement and target recognition)
  • Video recording, replay, picture snapshot and search (capable to review the event on device)
  • Wi-Fi hot spot, GPS, cursor display
  • Up to 7 hours continuous running
  • IP67
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The TS16 series is one of Australia’s only thermal fusion binoculars, offering both night vision & thermal imaging within the same device to deliver unmatched identification of targets.

Slimline design allows the user to operate the unit with 1 hand, 2 hands, or remotely through the WIFI app.

Using HIKMICROs top-of-the-line 640px, the TS16 delivers state-of-the-art image quality to ensure you can accurately identify targets, boasting an 1800m detection distance.

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