Breach Rail Adaptors


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This adapters can replace the M.A.C.H.O.S. Aurora connection plates to allow the mounting of a mini-rail device.

M.A.C.H.O.S. center section & hyper arms are not included.

If you are interested in the MACHOS mount click Here

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The Breach Rail Adaptors are 3D printed out of PETG.

Left and Right of Breach Rail Adaptors are included, together with all the hardware required to mount them on a M.A.C.H.O.S. (M.A.C.H.O.S. not included).


Compatibility / Fitment / Out of specs issues

  • FLIR Breach (but not only) mini-rails can be out of specs. Multiple online reviews are stating this (review #1review #2)
  • These adapters can hold the mini-rails with the following dimensions (lower trapezoidal base lower than 11mm, upper trapezoidal base lower than 13mm)
  • Devices with mini-rails that are out-of-spec will not fit or will have a wobble. Please double-check before ordering.


Eye Piece alignment

The adapters are designed to align the mini-rail device with an Aurora while running 2 devices.
This is achieved by using the correct alignment hole, from back to front, as follows:

  1. Hole #1 – NYX-14
  2. Hole #2 – FLIR Breach

Breach Rail Adaptors Product videos

Full review and how to mount (jump here to see mounting instructions).


Breach Rail AdaptorsTools

In order to mount/unmount a mini-rail device, a 2mm (5/64) and 2.5mm (7/64) Allen key is required. These are not included in the package.



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