Getting to Know the PARD NV Series

Getting To Know The PARD NV Series
Since launching the NV series over 4 years ago, PARD has grown into a household name in the night time hunting community. Combining rock bottom prices with outstanding quality, PARD has taken the night vision scope market by storm both in Australia and internationally.
PARD is definitely our most popular model for shooters looking to get into weapon mounted night vision systems. Due to price point (starting below $800), ease of use and reliability, the NV Series is in our opinion the best place to look when starting off your night time adventures.
Coming in 3 models, the range has a scope designed for every scenario and budget. Below is a brief break down of the models:

The NV007 is a uniquely designed unit which clips on to the rear of an existing day scope and instantly turns it into a night vision scope. The unit is ideal for short-mid range shooting, comfortably achieving recognition of animals out to 150m.

NV008 / NV008LRF
The NV008 is PARDs dedicated rifle scope solution which comes with either a Laser Range Finder (LRF) or without. The units are designed for mid-long range shooting with magnification ranging from 6.5x-26x, Picture In Picture (PIP) and a simple one shot zero.

All PARD NV devices come with on board recording and WiFi streaming which allows you to view the image through a phone or tablet. The units run on a 18650 battery and will get between 5-8 hours of continuous run time (depending on factors such as IR Usage, WiFi streaming etc).

If you would like to find out which PARD model is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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