Wolfcub ACT Series PVS7 Photonis Night Vision Goggle

From: $4950.00

First introduced in 1985, The AN/PVS-7 has served the US and allied forces for decades giving them the edge on the battlefield. Replacing the AN/PVS-5, the PVS-7 is perfect for observation and surveillance. With both eyes being used, comfortable viewing over an extended period of time is guaranteed.
Equipped with modern Photonis image intensifier tube, its the perfect choice for passive observation. The PVS-7 can be head-mounted, helmet-mounted or just hand held. The housing is extremely robust, waterproof and made for combat, making it nearly indestructible. Utilising one tube it is extremely cost efficient and compared to dual tube binoculars very light weight. Various magnification lenses can be attached to the front of the PVS-7 to offer long range observation.


  • Manufacturer: ACT
  • Finish: Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant
  • Power: Two (2) Standard AA Batteries Battery
  • Life: Approx. 30 Hours at Room Temp.
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
  • Tube: Photonis Commercial, SuperGen or XR-5
  • Datasheet: Yes
  • Magnification: 1x
  • FOV: 40º
  • Objective Lens: F/1.2
  • Ocular Lens: EFL 26mm
  • Diopter: +2 to -6
  • Focus: 3m to Infinity
  • Dimensions: 16cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 7.5cm(H)
  • Weight: 680g

Wolfcub ACT Series PVS7 Photonis Commercial Tube FOM 1400
Wolfcub ACT Series PVS7 Photonis Supergen Tube FOM 1800
Wolfcub ACT Series PVS7 Photonis XR-5 Tube FOM 2100