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EX DEMO - HIKMICRO Thunder TH35 Smart Thermal Scope

Introducing the HIKMICRO Thunder Thermal Scope – Australia’s most affordable and versatile thermal scope!

The Thunder can be used in three configurations; a Thermal Weapon Scope, a Handheld Thermal Monocular, and a Thermal Front Add-On (additional Lens System required)

The Weapon Scope is supplied with a 2.1x magnification lens system and a detection distance of over 1.2kms. Add the Picatinny rail and you’re ready to attach to your rifle & the Thunder can also be used as a Thermal Monocular.

This is an EX DEMO model and has been used for demonstration and display purposes only. There is light wear and tear on packaging. If you have questions regarding the unit, please contact us on 02 9283 4375 or [email protected]

The HIKMICRO Thunder TH35 has been superseded by the Thunder TH35PC model – SHOP HERE


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Using the Thunder as a dedicated scope, a handheld monocular or a forward-mounted clip-on – converting your existing day scope to a thermal scope.

Exceptional image quality allowing you to identify targets and be confident in your identification.

All Thunder scopes come standard with WIFI to allow streaming to a phone or tablet, one shot zero, on board photo & video recording and much more.

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